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Illegal sale of anabolic supplements shop in Koridallo.
16/09/2014 10:51
Proceeds from the sale of illegal doping within a fortnight, according to police, the amount of 75,000 euros detected during surveys in known food supplement store in Koridallo.The police security department Korydalloy had long been reports that the retailer supplements Diamantidis Street in Liberty Square was doping movement, but until yesterday had not found incriminating evidence.
» Steroids kill brain cells
According to studies the use of anabolic steroids to increase muscle size can cause severe brain damage after causing the destruction of brain cells. Anabolic steroids than their individual properties are each generally known to elevate levels of the male hormone testosterone . A study done by the Medical School of Yale University and published in the Journal of Biochemistry goes to the fact that high levels of testosterone kill cells of the nervous system .
» The doping of amateur runners
In the kitchen cupboard Thanos hides what he calls 'snacking' a box Astralean the active substance clenbuterol derived from the black market of India, a spray Aerolin stolen from an employee at a public hospital and a box Eca, the triple combination of ephedrine-caffeine - aspirin purchased by someone bontimpilnter.
» Students anabolic and bullets in Florina
The costs of their studies in schools of Florina secured two young friends, one Greek and one Cypriot , transporting banned substances used by patrons or fitness for doping athletes ! Organizer of the movement was the 25 year-old Cypriot why information had reached the ears of the security men , who have raided his house.
» In alarm Cypriots after Operation PANGEA VI
Alarms were the departments of Cyprus, after international enterprise PANGEA VI, which led to the identification of millions of deadly drugs worldwide, moving uncontrollably on the internet. In thorough tests , conducted in post offices all districts of Cyprus, identified hundreds of dangerous preparations.
No need to try very 're unemployed , student, ex-con , bodybuilder, gymnast, crook ... Creating a virtual store nutritional supplements or a shop window nutritional supplements and promotes anabolic steroids . Your huge clientele in all levels of society because the irrelevance and naivety is missing from people. Selling a genuine and apomimitika drugs in hungry Muscle development customers at the bottom - under what interests they have bad records and the health if healthy. Those looking for it , you cover them . The problem is what you do with Interpol.
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